Rtudvipa (Arcanam) & Jahnudvipa (Vandanam)

Rtudvipa: The island called Rtvdvipa is very enchanting, covered with numerous kinds of forests. It is where all the seasons headed by spring are eternally engaged in service of Lord Gouranga. The very land relieves all troubles, for it is the abode of transcendental bliss. This area is the same as Radha Kunda in Vraja. Read More…

Jahnudvipa: “Towards the north of Vidyanagara lies the extremely beautiful Jahnudvipa. There, visible to all, is the forest where sage Jahnu performed his austerities. Jahnu Muni drank the water of the Ganga and Ganga devi reappeared from this great sage, thus she is known as Jahnavi…” Read More…

Route: Mahisura to Maganpur

  • Total distance to cover: 10 Km.
  • Start: Mahisura at 6.00 a.m.
  • Breakfast: at Campahati.
  • Overnight: at Maganpur.
  • Route subject to change

Holy Places to Visit:

  1. Samudragada: King Samudra Sena used to live here. Read More…
  2. Dol Tala
  3. Campahati: Gaura Gadadhara Mandira, Residence of Dvija Vaninatha. Read More…
  4. Vidyanagar: Birth place of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and residence of his brother Vidyavacaspati.
  5. Jahnu Muni Ashram: This is the place where the sage had darsana of Lord Gauranga.