I felt that Lord Gauranga has called me here to His personal abode to open my eyes to see and taste the sweetness of ecstatic devotional service. I experienced it and I’m eager to share with others.

Bhakta Humphrey, Nigeria

I found it really amazing! There was so much nature around and so much spiritual potency. Walking in the association of the devotees was heart fulfilling. It was the best time of my life and I feel very fortunate  to visit all these holy places.

Atmadarshini dd, South Africa

This is my first time – it is an amazing experience – felt very inspired to take part again in the future. It is fun, adventurous, nourishing, enlivening and filled myself with devotee association.

Kausturika dasi, Australia

It was really nectar and blissful walking trough the nine islands  with a forest of bamboo trees all around! It was really an unforgettable experience.

Rupa Citia dd, Faridabad, India

It was most inspiring for me to witness how people from different part of the world peacefully glorifying God with so much love.

Tony Klison, Nigeria

Overall management of Parikrama was excellent. I attentively heard Lord Gauranga pastimes in the association of devotees around the world. I was amazed.

Gaurav Singh, Delhi, India

It was wonderful experience. I would like to repeat! Thank you so much!

Gadadhara prana das, Italy

It is ecstatic, blissful! It is a complete package of rich kirtans, chanting, association of devotees, katha + mercy

Carulata kishori dd, Vrindavan, India

I wish I could come again. My mind is more peaceful than ever! I just want to be absorbed in the Lilas.

Hridayananda das, Croatia

I need to do this more often, to purify myself + develop deeper insight + inspiration.

Tribhangananda das, United Kingdom