Schedule – 2020

  • Feb 26th Parikrama Adhivas
  • Feb 27th to Mar 5th Navadwipa Mandal Parikrama
  • Mar 5th Parikrama return and Boat Festival

Schedule for each parikrama group is as follows. Click on each route for the detailed schedule of that day.

Date International - English Russian Hindi Bengali - Gita Bengali - Namahatta A Bengali - Namahatta B South Indian
Feb 26 (Wed) Adhivas Adhivas Adhivas Adhivas Adhivas Route 8Adhivas
Feb 27 (Thu) Route 1Route 3Route 3Route 2Route 8Route 6Route 4
Feb 28 (Fri) Route 2Route 4Route 6Route 3Route 1Route 7Route 5
Feb 29 (Sat) Route 3Route 5Route 7, Route 8Route 4Route 2Route 1Route 6
Mar 1 (Sun) Route 4Route 6Route 1Route 5Route 3Route 2Route 7, Route 8
Mar 2 (Mon) Route 5Route 9Route 2Route 6Route 4Route 3Route 1
Mar 3 (Tue) Route 6Route 1x Route 7, Route 8Route 5Route 4Route 2
Mar 4 (Wed) Route 7Route 2Route 4Route 1Route 6Route 5Route 3
Mar 5 (Thu) Route 8x Route 5x Route 7x x
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