Sri Modadrumadvipa

This island represents dasyam, becoming a servant. Places to visit on this island are Sri Vrndavana Dasa Thakura’s Sripata, Vasudeva Datta’s Sripata, Sri Saranga Murari’s Sripata and Aka-tila. In Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura writes:

“After receiving the blessings of Bhismadeva at Bhisma-tila I will weep and proceed towards Modadrumadvipa. Modadruma is non-different from Sri Bhandiravana of Vraja. There all animals and birds are transcendental. These birds constantly chant the holy name of Sri Gaurahari and Sita-Rama, sitting on the branches of beautiful trees.

In Bhandiravana there are many banyan trees, mercifully providing shade, beautifying the area and blocking the sun. When will the pastimes of Sri Balarama and Sri Krsna manifest to my eyes? While roaming and enjoying the beauty of the forest I will suddenly see the hermitage of Sri Ramacandra. I will see Lord Ramacandra in his saffron cloth, along with Sri Laksmana and Sita-devi by His side. Upon seeing that most attractive form of the Lord, I will fall unconscious in the forest. Symptoms of prema will manifest on my body and I will no longer be able to speak. I will just drink the beauty of that form to the full satisfaction of my eyes. Being merciful upon me, Sri Laksmana, the younger brother of Lord Ramacandra, will come to me slowly and put His lotus feet upon my head. He will give me some fruits and say, ‘Dear son! Please take these fruits. We are now living in the forest and these fruits are Our only wealth with which to treat our guests.’ Thus the pastime will end and Their Lordships will disappear. In separation I will weep and eat the fruits. Will I ever see that nava-durva-dala form(greenish like fresh grass) again?

Aha, that Bhandiravana is the land of spiritual gems. My heart cries ceaselessly, leaving that forest. There Sri Balarama and Sri Krsna performed many pastimes on the pretext of herding the cows. And in the same forest Gauracandra becomes intoxicated while performing sankirtana along with His devotees.”

Lord Ramacandra visited Modadrumadvipa

Modadrumadvipa is known as Mamgachi. Lord Nityananda went to Mamgachi village along with all the devotees. Lord Nityananda said, “This Modadrumadvipa is non-different from Ayodhya. During the previous kalpa when Lord Rama went to live in the forest, He came to this place along with Lakshmana and Sita-devi. They built a cottage under a great banyan tree and stayed there happily for a few days. Upon seeing the effulgence of Navadvipa Sri Raghu nandana Ramacandra smiled. He looked very beautiful in His nava- durva-dala-syama form. Rajiva-locana(the lotus-eyed Lord) was holding a bow and arrows and was dressed like an ascetic brahmacari with matted locks on His head. Everyone’s mind was attracted just by seeing Him. When Sita-devi saw the smiling face of Lord Ramacandra, She asked, ‘What is the cause of Your smiling?’ Lord Ramacandra replied, ‘O Sita, daughter of King Janaka! Please listen to this very confidential story. In the future when the most blessed Kali-yuga comes, I will appear here in Nadia in a golden yellow form. I will take birth as Gauranga from the womb of Saci in the house of Jagannatha Misra, as their son. All those fortunate people who see My childhood pastimes will receive transcendental love. At that time I will enjoy vidya-rasa(the pastime of education). I will reveal the glories of Sri Nama (the holy name). After that I will accept the order of sannyasa and go to Nilacala. My mother will cry, placing her daughter-in-law on her lap.’ Hearing this Sita-devi said, ‘O, Rajiva-locana! Why will You make Your mother cry? Why will You accept sannyasa leaving aside Your wife? I do not understand what pleasure You will receive by giving suffering to Your wife.’ Sri Ramacandra replied, ‘My darling! Although You know everything, You are asking a seemingly ignorant question. One can relish prema-bhakti unto Me in two different ways. One can experience the pleasure of premabhakti in union with Me known as sambhoga. And the pleasure My devotees experience by being separated from Me is known as vipralambha. My devotees always desire to be united with Me, but by My mercy they also achieve vipralambha-bhava. In vipralambha, whatever suffering one undergoes is for Me only. Whatever suffering a devotee goes through in vipralambha, due to Me, he accepts with great relish. For at the end of vipralambha when sambhoga is attained, My devotee enjoys a million times greater pleasure. In this way separation from Me is also the cause of pleasure, therefore My devotees accept this state of separation.

This has been explained in the Vedas. During the time of My gauranga-avatara, mother Kausalya will appear as Saci-devi who is described in the Vedas as Aditi. During that time You will serve Me as Vishnupriya. In the future, feeling separation from You, I will worship You in Your golden deity form in Ayodhya-nagara. In return You will worship My golden gauranga-murti form in Nadia-nagara. Sita-devi! This is a very confidential topic. At present this subject will not be revealed to the people in general. This Navadvipa is very dear to Me. Even other dhamas like Ayodhya are not equal to this dhama. This Rama-vata tree, of which We have taken shelter, will disappear from the vision of the people when Kali-yuga begins but will remain here in an invisible form.’” Lord Nityananda continued, “In this way Rama, Sita and Lakshmana stayed here in Modadrumadvipa for a few days and then went to Dandaka forest to perform Their duty. Here you can see the kutira of Lord Ramacandra.”


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