Thus Sankaracarya, being a great devotee at heart and understanding the navadvipa-tattva through his dream, left for other countries. This Rudradvipa is a place for all the Rudras(various forms of Lord Siva), who gather to sing the glories of Lord Gauranga. Sri Nila-lohita, the chief of the Rudras, dances here with great jubilation every day and the demigods happily shower flowers from the sky in appreciation.

Directions: Proceed down the road beside the Sridhama Mayapur Post Office. Take the first road on the right. Proceed four to five kilometers walking or by cycle (vehicles cannot go) until you come to a T-junction where you need to walk up a steep embankment. Turn left here and then cross the bridge on your right. Continue walking on the main path for approximately another two kilometers. It is the second village. There is nothing to mark this place but this is the general area.


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