… saptarshi-mandapeharih

“Lord Gaurahari then went to Naimisha-tirtha. In Saptarshi-mandapa He danced with His associates and with NityanandaAvadhuta.” Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Pramana-khanda 4.40)

In Navadvipa-bhava-tarangaSrila BhaktivinodaThakura describes Naimisharanya as follows: “There on the bank of the river Gomati is the Naimisha forest, where the assembled rishisare listening to recitations of the Gaura-bhagavata. In order to hear these narratives about Lord Gaura, Siva and the other demigods quickly mount Brahma’s swan-carrier and make haste to come. When will I wander and wander throughout that forest and behold the wonderful vision of this assembly of sages hearing the GauraPuranaby the bank of the Gomati river? On the day of Ekadasi during the most auspicious month of Kartika, I will listen to those stories of caitanya-katha. When will the audience of rishisheaded by Saunaka show me their mercy by grasping both my hands and putting the dust of their feet upon my head? I will exclaim, ‘O residents of Navadvipa, let us attentively drink the nectar of sri-gauranga-kathain this forest!’” (Navadvipa-bhava-taranga)


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