Sita-devi sees the Gauranga form of Lord Ramacandra

Isana Thakura, along with Srinivasa, went to Maugachi from Jannagara. Maugachi is today known as Mamgachi. Previously this place was also known as Modadrumadvipa. Isana Thakura gives the following explanation as to why this place was called Modadrumadvipa, according to what he had heard from elderly people. “Sri Ramacandra, the son of Kausalya, left Ayodhya to live in the forest, in order to follow the vow of His father Dasaratha. The Lord gave up His royal dress and with great pleasure traveled from forest to forest along with His wife Janaki and brother Lakshmana. His lotus feet were very soft and tender, and to protect Him, whichever path He walked on became very soft so that the Lord would feel no pain. Rain, wind, sunshine, all were very favorable. Thus the Lord performed His very wonderful pastime of traveling, which cannot be compared to anything on this earth planet. While He was traveling, the people of different countries were mad to see His beauty. Wherever the Lord resided, forest or mountain, became a maha-tirtha. North of this place, the Lord was staying inside a cave in the mountain. Even today people still visit that place, which frees them from all kinds of suffering. Oh, Srinivasa, while traveling like this, Lord Ramacandra arrived here. Walking in front was Lord Ramacandra, in the middle Devi Sita, and behind Lakshmana. Everyone was happy to see Them, even the birds and animals. Lord Ramacandra who is also known as Rajiva-locana, is worshiped by the great demigods like Brahma. The Lord was looking around and walking like an elephant. He observed Navadvipa from some distance and started to smile with great curiosity. When Sitadevi saw Lord Ramacandra’s sweet smiling face She asked Him what was causing His smiling. Lord Ramacandra replied, ‘At the end of Dvapara-yuga, during the first part of Kali-yuga there will be great enjoyment here in this Navadvipa-dhama. I will perform wonderful pastimes here and then take sannyasa.

As I am traveling now, in the same way I will also travel at that time. Therefore I was smiling, remembering all this.’ Hearing the words of Lord Ramacandra, Janaki-devi spoke with folded hands, ‘Oh, My Lord, please tell Me what kind of pastimes You will have in Nadia?’ The Lord replied, ‘I will take birth in a brahmana family. During My childhood I will exhibit many restless and playful pastimes. I will accept the most wonderful yellow bodily color which has no comparison. Just by looking at Me the whole world will become intoxicated. I will become very scholarly and the glories of My learning will spread all over the world. I will marry twice. Just as I am offering pinda to my father in Gaya now, I will again offer pinda in Gaya according to local customs when My father leaves his body. I will increase the happiness of devotees in Navadvipa by preaching sankirtana which is rarely witnessed even by Brahma. After all this I will pacify all My close associates and take sannyasa to travel to other places.’ Hearing this, Janaki-devi smiled and said, ‘If You will take sannyasa then why should You marry? In My opinion this in not proper. Being most merciful how can You be so cruel?’ Lord Ramacandra felt embarrassed, hearing these words from Sita-devi. Then the Lord said, ‘You do not know that I always reside in Navadvipa.’ While talking in this way Lord Ramacandra reached this place in the company of Janaki-devi and Lakshmana. There was a huge banyan tree here and They all stood in the vast shade of that tree. Again Janaki-devi asked, ‘My Lord! What kind of pleasure will You derive from sankirtana here in Nadia?’ Lord Ramacandra said, ‘First close Your eyes.’ Janaki-devi closed Her eyes and She saw the wonderful pastimes of the Lord in Nadia. There is no limit to chanting, dancing and playing instruments in Nadia and there were innumerable devotees of the Lord gathered, creating a scene that is without comparison. She saw the form of Gaurasundara in the midst of His own associates. The Lord was in His kisora age, adolescence, and appeared like an ocean of rasa or mellows. The whole world was overwhelmed by His different styles of dancing. By seeing that most beautiful scene Sita-devi could not control Herself any more. When She opened Her eyes, She saw Her Lord in front of Her. Lord Ramacandra smiled and pacified Her. Sumitra-nandana, Lord Lakshmana, knows all truths and He also became impatient, desiring to remember the Nadia pastimes of the Lord. At this place everyone’s pleasure (moda) was increased and this incident took place under a tree (druma). Therefore this island is known as Modadrumadvipa. Lord Ramacandra, Sita-devi and Lakshmana become very pleased with anyone who comes to visit this Modadrumadvipa. O, Srinivasa, this place is known as Rama-vata. (Vata means a banyan tree.) With the arrival of Kali-yuga this tree disappeared. From here Lord Ramacandra along with Sita-devi and Lakshmana went to Utkala(Orissa) with great happiness. When They entered Utkala They were very pleased to see the beauty of the country. On the bank of the river Suvarnarekha, Lord Rama established a Siva-linga by the name of Ramesvara. Most fortunate people take darsana of that Siva-linga to experience great pleasure. From there Lord Ramacandra traveled from forest to forest, performing wonderful activities everywhere.”


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