Madhyadvipa (Smaranam)

In his Navadvipa bhava-taranga, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes Madhyadvipa as follows:

“South of Godruma lies the enchanting island of Madhyadvipa. It is very beautiful to behold, filled with a radiant series of wonderful forests. There, during the midday period of His eternal pastimes, Prabhu takes His devotees along and comes to visit the seven rsis.

…During the midday period of His eternal pastimes, Lord Sri Gauranga and His associates stroll throughout all these forests, overcome with madness of divine love. While the devotees give hints if Krisna’s confidential pastimes, Gauranga sings and dances and tastes the sweet ecstatic emotions of Sri Radha.

When will I, alone or in the company of devotees, float in the waves billowing on the ocean of love for Lord Caitanya? With utmost humility, I will wander around in the various forests of Madhyadvipa during the midday period and contemplate the ecstatic emotional states felt by the Lord in those same places.

When will the devotees who are residents of Madhyadvipa be merciful and show me, ‘Oh look! Here is our Lord, Gauranga Sri Hari!’… He is dancing and chanting with His associates in a grand kirtana. When will I see that astounding form of Gaura with a beautiful complexion like pure gold, wearing a garland of forest flowers, with two long arms, and booming in a loud voice, ‘O brothers! All of you please chant the holy name in unison!’ At that moment, all the devotees headed by Srivasa will shout ‘Hari! Hari!’ and begin performing sankirtana. Someone will exclaim, ‘Chant the name of Gaurahari, dear brother! Without Gaura we cannot attain the service of Radha and Krishna!’”

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Navadvipa-bhava-taranga

“Because the Lord appeared during midday (madhyahna), just like the midday sun, this place is called Madhyadvipa. Just by taking darsana of this place all inauspiciousness is destroyed. By living here one will achieve pure devotion. This is a most wonderful pastime place of Lord Gauranga who made everyone mad by giving them the rarest love of Godhead.”

“By residing here one will attain Gaurahari even without practicing the yamas and niyamas(rules and regulations)”

Navadvipa Parikrama book, pg. 130,131,135


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