Uccahatta, non-different from Kurukshetra of Brahmavarta, which is a place of pilgrimage for the three worlds. Here all the demigods reside, continuously performing gaura-sankirtana. Sometimes the present-day residents of this area can hear that music. A description of this holy place from Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Parikrama khanda: After explaining the glories of Pushkara tirtha to Sri Jiva, Lord Nityananda along with His associates entered Uccahatta in Kurukshetra. Lord Nityananda said, “All the demigods along with all the tirthas have come to this Kurukshetra. All the tirthas from Brahmavarta and Kurukshetra stay here. Everyone, including Prithudaka, resides here and they easily engage in the service of Navadvipa-dhama. Whatever benefit one derives by residing in Kurukshetra for one hundred years, can be achieved just by spending one night at this place.” Nityananda Prabhu said, “The demigods used to gather here to enjoy gaura-katha, opening the market (hatta) of the holy name here. Therefore this place is known as Hattadanga. Whoever takes darsana of this place achieves unlimited love. Dear Jiva! This is the border of Nadia. Let us now go to the other side of the Bhagirathi.” The following is a passage from the Bhakti-ratnakara: Isana Thakura, standing near the Hattadanga village, told Srinivasa, “Srinivasa! This place is called Hattadanga. Previously it was known as Uccahatta. All the demigods including Indra were staying here, absorbed in discussing the pastimes and associates of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Some said, ‘This Kali-yuga is blessed because Sri KrishnaCaitanya Mahaprabhu will appear, along with Lord Nityananda and Advaitacarya.’ Someone else said, ‘Mahaprabhu has unlimited associates. Who can count them? All His associates are oceans of mercy. They are friends of the most fallen wretched people.’ Another of the demigods said, ‘Mahaprabhu, along with His associates, will be mad with nama-sankirtana and will make the whole world mad. The river of happiness will flow in this Nadia. Very easily all the sins of all the living entities will be removed.’ Another said, ‘There will be unlimited auspiciousness. Only the most fortunate people will see those wonderful pastimes. If all of us could take birth in Nadia then our great sadness would be removed.’ Some said, ‘Of course all of us will take birth here. We will see the pastimes of the Lord to our heart’s content. All the devotees of Navadvipa will take us with them and engage us in the service of Sri Gauracandra.’ Speaking in this way, the demigods opened a marketplace (hatta) there. At this raised (ucca) place they performed sankirtanaloudly (ucca-sankirtana). All of them with great eagerness, raising their hands, prayed, ‘O Lord! Do not delay Your descent.’ Saying this the demigods started to dance very joyfully in different postures while chanting the holy name of the Lord. Therefore this place is called Uccahatta.”

Directions: when coming from ISKCON: Go down Bhaktisiddhanta Road to the end and turn right onto the main road to Calcutta. After the Krishnanagar turnoff, you will go under a railway overbridge and proceed into a small town where there is an intersection of roads. Take the road going straight ahead (Highway No. 8, Navadvipa-Krishnanagar highway). Do not take the road to the left as it goes to Calcutta. Proceed up this highway until a few kilometers before the Gauranga Bridge.


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