kshetram hari-haram tirtva
kasim ca moksha-dayinim …

Lord Sri Hari crossed Sri Hariharakshetra and Kasi-kshetra which gives liberation …”
(Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya Pramana-khanda 4.39 ) 

Harihara-kshetra is situated in Godrumadvipa on the eastern bank of the Alakananda River. At present this river is not flowing but a portion of the river is still visible. In the temple of Harihara-kshetra there is a deity who is half Lord Siva and half Lord Vishnu. The western side of the Alakananda is considered non-different from Kasi (Varanasi), in fact this place is greater than Kasi and known as Maha- Varanasi. Here Lord Siva is dancing, chanting the holy name “Gaura Gaura”. He offers his associates devotion unto Lord Gauranga. Sannyasis get liberation after cultivating jnana for thousands of years in Kasi. The devotees here at Maha-Varanasi reject that offer of liberation and dance in ecstasy chanting the holy name of Gauranga. Lord Siva delivers anyone who dies here by chanting the name of Gauranga in his ear at the time of death. Living entities have no fear at this Maha-Varanasi-dhama.

Explaining the glories of this place Lord Nityananda started to dance in ecstasy, offering gaura-prema to all the living entities. At that time Kailasa-pati Lord Siva invisibly came there and offered his obeisances to Lord Nityananda bowing his head in front of Him. Here Lord Siva and his consort Gauri chant the holy name of Gauranga to fulfill their desires.

Darsana timings :From 10.00 a.m. -12.00 and 4.00-6.00 p.m

Directions: Return to the Am-ghat Railway Station and cross the railway lines. Go down the small dirt road on the side of the station where the Am-ghat sign is. Continue on this small road passing two small roads on the left side. After passing the second road on the left, you will make a sharp left turn. You will then see this place in the open area on the right of the road. It is on the bank of the Alakananda River.

Presiding deities: The main deity is Sri Harihara. He is half Lord Vishnu (black side) and half Lord Siva (white side). You will see Lord Vishnu’s eternal consort, Lakshmi-devi, on the left, and Lord Siva’s eternal consort, Parvati devi, on the right. There is a deity of Burho Siva or Vriddha Siva (Old Siva) with mustache and beard. You can also see a deity of Gopala and the footprints of Lord Gadadhara. There is also a deity of Sitala-devi on the floor riding on the horse.


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