The word Godrumadvipa comprises of following words: Go (meaning cow), Druma (tree) and Dvipa (meaning island).  Surabhi cow had performed penances under a banyan tree. Hence the island derives its name from this incident. This island represents the Kirtanam (chanting the holy names of the Lord) aspect of devotional service. This place is also called Gadigacha by the localites.

There’s a pastime attached with this place. When Lord Krishna instructed all Vrajavasis to worship Govardhan instead of Indra, the king of heaven was enraged and he sent the Samvartaka clouds to destroy the entire village of Gokula. Being terrified with such stormy rains and winds, the residents of Vrindavan approached Lord Krishna who was their only refuge. Lord Krishna being very affectionate to His devotees then lifted the Govardhan hill with the tip of his small finger and asked all the residents to stand under the shelter of this hill. This way the Lord held the hill for a week’s time and protected all the Vrajavasis. At end of one week Indra realized that this small boy was in fact the Supreme personality of Godhead and stopped the heavy downpour. Indra along with Surabhi cow then approached Lord Krishna in a secluded place and began to offer his prayers and repented for his offense. Surabhi cow bathed Lord Krishna with her milk and Indra bathed the Lord with waters of celestial Ganga through the trunk of his carrier elephant.

Though forgiven by the Lord, Indra was still repenting at his heart and he approached Surabhi cow and offered his obeisances and submissively inquired as to how he could atone for his offense. Surabhi cow advised him to go to Navadvipa dham and worship Lord Gauranga since He is the most merciful incarnation. Both Surabhi and Indra then came to Navadvipa & worshiped Lord Gauranga. The Lord personally appeared before them and blessed them. After this incident Indra left back for his abode while Surabhi cow continued her worship of Lord Gauranga under the banyan tree. Hence this island came to be known as “Godrumadvipa”.

At this place Lord Caitanya performed several pastimes with cowherd boys. The cowherd boys would very affectionately give Nimai several milk preparations to eat & the Lord would honor them very happily. He would sometimes even accompany them to herd the cows. When Lord Gauranga would visit His cowherd friends, seeing Him the cows and calves would stop grazing and continuously gaze at Him with great affection because He was none other than their very soul of Vrindavan, Lord Krishna.


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