The following is a description of Devapalli from Sri Navadvipa-dhama mahatmya, Parikrama-khanda: After visiting Suvarna-vihara Lord Nityananda along with Sri Jiva and Srivasa Thakura proceeded towards the village Devapalli. This place is also known as Narasimha Palli. All of them took rest there as guests of the demigods and took their lunch prasada. Towards the end of the day Nityananda Prabhu went on a tour of the village. He explained that in this village there is a temple of Lord Nrisimhadeva from the time of Satyayuga. Being merciful upon Prahlada, Lord Narasimha killed his father Hiranyakasipu who was giving so much trouble to his son. After killing Hiranyakasipu Lord Narasimha came to this place and took rest here for some time. Knowing that Lord Narasimha had come to take rest here, all the demigods including Brahma built their houses here and thus created a village. They built their houses on the bank of the Mandakini on top of a hillock and all engaged in the service of the Lord. Since that time this place has been known as Narasimha-kshetra in Navadvipa-dhama. The scriptures describe this place as very purifying. Previously there were many hillocks there where the houses of Brahma, Suryadeva, Ganesha and Indra were situated. There were many tilas where Visvakarma built hundreds of houses out of stone. In due course of time the River Mandakini dried up and all the houses were destroyed. Now only the hillocks are there but you can see many stones lying around which are the ruins of the temples of different demigods. It is also said that Lord Narasimha washed His hands in the pond next to the temple. After some time a great person or king will come and by the mercy of Lord Nrisimhadeva, he will build a temple for Lord Nrisimha Bhagavan here and revive the worship of the Lord. This place marks the outer limit of Navadvipa-dhama which extends up to sixteen krosas or 32 miles.

Darsana times: Usually 10-12 a.m.

Directions from ISKCON : Go down Bhaktisidhanta Road until you reach the main road to Calcutta. Turn right onto this road. After the Krishnanagar turnoff and after going under the railway over bridge, continue straight down the Navadvipa-Krishnanagar highway (do not turn left at the intersection as that will take you to Calcutta). Narasimha Palli is just before a lake (on the left side of the road) and a sharp right turn in the road. The distance is about twenty-seven kilometers. A taxi will take around forty-five minutes to get there. Presiding deity: Lord Narasimhadeva with Hiranyakasipu on His lap and Prahlada at His feet. This self-manifest deity dates back to Satya-yuga.

Point of interest: 

1. The Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity Trust built the kirtana hall here.

2. This temple is located on the eastern and southern boundaries of Navadvipa dhama and is known by the names Narasimha Puri and Devapalli (neighborhood of the devas). It has been famous since Satya-yuga when Narasimhadeva came to rest here after killing the demon Hiranyakasipu.

3. Next to the temple is a lake left behind by the Mandakini River that flowed here at that time. When Lord Narasimhadeva arrived here, He drank the sweet waters of this river to refresh Himself and also washed the blood of Hiranyakasipu from His hands.

4. The demigods followed Narasimhadeva here, constructed large palaces, and worshiped Him in great opulence. The changing course of the Mandakini River covered the demigod’s palaces and destroyed them and all that remains of them now is the hills that surround this area.


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