Isana Thakura left Samudragarh and reached Campakahatta. He told Srinivasa, “This most beautiful village is Campakahatta and is also known as Campahatti. Previously one old, welleducated brahmana was living here. He was a great devotee of Sri Krishna and a great person in all respects. One day he was worshiping the lotus feet of Sri Krishna with great pleasure, offering Him many campaka flowers. He was meditating on the syamala (blue) form of Sri Krishna within his heart. Suddenly he saw the gaura form within the blue form of Sri Krishna. The splendor of that gaura form was like the intense gold of the campaka flowers. While he was witnessing this, the gaura form immediately disappeared from his heart. He was very perturbed by this and just stared at the bunch of campaka flowers with focused attention. By seeing the beauty of the campaka flowers within his heart, he began thinking about the basis of Veda-pramana. He became pacified and said, ‘According to scripture, among all yugas, this specific Kali-yuga is particularly blessed. In this Kali-yuga Lord Krishna will incarnate in the most attractive form of Gauranga with a golden bodily hue. The most intelligent people will worship Him through sankirtana-yajna. All of creation will float in the ocean of His pastimes.’ Again he ascertained, after analyzing the scripture, that the Lord would descend in Navadvipa. He thought, ‘The Lord will appear after such a long time. I will not be able to see the transcendental form of Sri Gauranga.’ Lamenting like this he began breathing heavily. His face and chest became drenched in tears and feeling deeply distressed, he lost all control of his emotions. After some time he fell asleep by the desire of the Lord. Lord Gaurahari then appeared to him in his dream. The beauty of His form was like the campaka flower. His shining face defeated millions of moons. His head was covered with beautiful curling hair. I cannot make any comparison to His eyes, arms, and chest. His bodily movements can cause the infatuation of the entire universe. Seeing this beautiful form of the Lord the vipra was overjoyed. He offered many prayers falling at the lotus feet of the Lord, who blessed the vipra and then vanished. As soon as the Lord disappeared, the vipra fainted, falling to the ground. After some time, when he regained his normal consciousness, he became mad due to his attachment to the Lord. He looked upon the campaka flowers and said again and again, ‘You have manifested the gauraavatara to me.’ He was announcing the glories of the campaka flower just as someone makes announcements in the marketplace (hatta). Therefore this place was known as Campakahatti. By the desire of the Lord, the vipra waspacified and the Lord then said, ‘Your desires will be fulfilled.’ Hearing this, the vipra began chanting the glories of the Lord in great ecstasy. He was always thinking about seeing the Lord in Nadia. I cannot adequately describe the activities of this vipra who was very dear to the Lord. Who can describe the pastimes of Gauranga-candra along with His associates in this Campahatti? Just see! This is the house of Vaninatha Vipra who was very dear to Lord Sri Gauranga.”

Directions when coming from Pancaveni: Cross the Gauranga Bridge and turn left. Continue on this road for approximately four kilometers. At the end of this road turn right and go past a road on the right side and then the left side. Go into the Nimtala Bazar township. This is the area.

Gaura-Gadadhara Gaudiya Matha Darsana times: Approximately 6.00-12.00 a.m. and 3.30-8.00 p.m.

Presiding deities: The beatiful life-sized Gaura-Gadadhara deities here were installed and worshiped by Dvija Vaninatha, the younger brother of Gadadhara Pandita. They are over 500 years old. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura established this temple. 


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